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This area is renowned as having some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK, with Exmoor and Dartmoor National Parks to explore and is host to the Braunton Burrows.

The Burrows is the heart of North Devon’s BiosphereReserve, the only UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve in the UK. Braunton Burrows is a prime British sand dune site, the largest sand dune system (psammosere) in England. It is particularly important ecologically because it includes the complete successional range of dune plant communities, with over 400 plant species. The short turf communities are very rich in lichens and herbs, and the dune slacks are also rich. The many rare plants and animals include 14 with UK Biodiversity Action Plans. For example, this is one of only two sites in the UK for the Amber Sandbowl Snail Catinella arenaria, which is found on the wet dune slacks.

The Burrows are very special and are designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a National nature reserve, a SSSI, a Ramsar site, a Special Area of Conservation, part of the North Devon AONB and the North Devon Heritage Coast.